Why We Need

for All


What I Believe

  • Healthcare is a human right, other countries do it. We can figure it out.

  • Need to protect Medicaid and mandate health insurance companies operating in Indiana cover pre-existing conditions

  • People shouldn’t have to choose between buying their medicine and their groceries

  • People shouldn’t have to go bankrupt when they have the misfortune of becoming ill

  • Surprise billing is immoral and wrong. Some may say that the legislature is working on it, but they are only working on the “surprise” part, not the billing part, except for emergency services. I believe the incentive for lower income patients will be to not receive that surgery their doctor recommended and scheduled, once they’ve been notified of the amount they will have to pay. Following that, their condition will likely worsen, negatively affecting their health and perhaps their ability to continue working

  • Planned parenthood should continue to provide health services without restraint or criticism. When a woman chooses to have an abortion, it is a gut-wrenching decision that should be between her, her doctor and her faith. Government has no value-add in her decision.

Why I Believe It

  • Wages in Indiana have been stagnant while the cost of insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays have risen. The current healthcare system is collapsing

  • My own daughter has paid over $300 for a vial of insulin and has had to choose between buying food and birth control, when her provider, Planned Parenthood’s funding was in question. Another daughter has “good’ insurance but pays a $15,000 annual deductible for her family of 6. All three daughters have received surprise bills that they continually struggle to pay. The legislation being considered in the Indiana legislature now, i.e., SB 3, only covers emergency facility services, excluding emergency medical services, such as ambulance medical services.

  • Over 50% of births are unplanned. Access to no-cost contraception, reduces that rate.

  • Women with unplanned pregnancies are less likely to receive prenatal care contributing to Indiana’s tragic maternal and infant mortality rates.

  • Access to no-cost contraception reduces abortion rates by 75%


Data Supporting My Belief