Children & Education

What I Believe

  • For parents to nurture their children, they need to spend time with them. 

  • If parents need to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet, time with their kids is minimized.  

  • Parents need recreation time for both their and their children’s good mental health.  

  • Parents need a earn a living wage working just one 40-hour work week.

  • Providing a living wage is good for the economy, e.g., tax revenue

  • Strong public schools are critical to supporting healthy families

  • Public schools are the heart of the community they serve, are more diverse and spend their funds more wisely. 

  • Virtual and charter schools have inadequate internal accounting processes for state funds. 


Why I Believe It

  • In my own life, as a single mom, I’ve worked full time and attended school full-time while raising three children.  I know how this works (or doesn’t). Childcare is very expensive and sometimes not the best environment for children, particularly very young children.  I had very little control over who was caring for my children. 

  • Employers often make no allowances for you as a single parent, no sick time for you, when you or your child is sick, having to take yourself or your child to the doctor, etc.

  • The stress related to being a single mom with three children was great.

  • With my own children attending public schools, I felt the teachers cared, did so much with so little, and always had their best interests in mind. 

 Data Supporting My Belief